About W5 Solutions

W5 Solutions supplies high-technology systems and solutions to Swedish and international defence contractors and government agencies. We have expertise in Training & Simulation, Mission Systems, Communication and Power Supply with additional support capability such as training, repair and maintenance in the defence sector.

Our vision – A safer tomorrow

We strive to give future generations the same opportunities that we enjoy. And we want them to take the same things for granted that we do, from the food on our table and the right to vote, to the freedom to be ourselves. If we accept our responsibilities and leave no one behind, we will all have a safer tomorrow.

About W5 Solutions - Vision

About W5 Solutions - Mission


We make our customers’ everyday lives easier so that they can achieve their ambitions. This means going the extra mile for them, acting on our initiative, and challenging both ourselves and each other to do our best. Above all, we keep our promises.

Our History

W5 Solutions’ history goes back to 1940, when Teleanalys, one of our divisions, was founded. Among the first products delivered were filter systems for radio communication for the Swedish Armed Forces. In 1952, JL Weibull was founded, which later became MSE Engineering and is now a division of W5 Solutions. MSE Engineering has a long track record of developing and manufacturing military training and simulation hardware. As early as 1960, the first turret loading trainer was developed for the Centurion tank, and this success story continues with supplying turret trainers and loading trainers for the current Swedish version of the Leopard II.

Some other recent delivered products include a g-suit testing system for fighter aircraft pilots, a light control unit compatible with Swedish WHIP, and Minicom IP, which is a versatile VoIP communication system for the Swedish Armed Forces.

About W5 Solutions


Sustainability is a natural part of our everyday business, even if it is not our core business. We work hard on a daily basis to improve what we do to become a 100% sustainable company in the future. Together with our partners, we strive to reach the global goal set out in United Nations Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. It will not happen overnight, but we are determined to do what it takes.


  • We work every day to reduce the negative environmental impact in our value chain. Our goal is to have a sustainable chain from production and operation to maintenance and disposal.
  • When we are developing a product, we always have in mind the importance of creating as long-lasting a product as possible.
  • By providing better accessibility to our products, we enhance the positive impact.


  • We want to provide our employees with a safe and healthy workplace with plenty of opportunities to grow. People are our most valuable resource.
  • We work closely with our customers and suppliers, and we learn from each other.
  • We believe in equal rights for all, and therefore one of our goals is to have a strong presence in all democratic states.


  • Corruption harms society and weakens political systems and democracy. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards corruption.

Finally, our business is growing, which means that we can make a greater impact over time. Together with our partners, we are on a mission to build a safer society and future for all.

Our Board

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  • Anders Lundström
    Anders Lundström Chairman of the Board
  • Stefan Kaiser
    Stefan Kaiser Member of the Board
  • Jonas Rydin
    Jonas Rydin Member of the Board
  • Robert Dahlquist
    Robert Dahlquist Member of the Board
  • Peter Lundberg
    Peter Lundberg Member of the Board

CEO & Management Team

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  • Daniel Hopstadius
    Daniel Hopstadius CEO
  • Robert Dahlquist
    Robert Dahlquist Executive Vice President, Site manager HQ, Head of Sales
  • Mats Olsson
    Mats Olsson Site Manager Älmhult, Head of Production
  • Lars Pettersson
    Lars Pettersson Site manager Solna, sales manager
  • Lars Lennartsson
    Lars Lennartsson CFO, Site manager Växjö

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