Awarded government programs

W5 Solutions was awarded large government programs and signed strategic agreements with defense contractors. The defense group also began the journey to become a listed company on the stock exchange.

Nordic defense power-house

The foundation of W5 Solutions sprang from a merger between MSE Engineering AB, Teleanalys AB and W-5 Systems AB. In 2018 the aim was to create a new unique Nordic defense powerhouse. By doing [...]

Simulation DNA

The W5 Solutions simulation DNA can be traced back to 1960, when the first turret loading trainer was developed for the Centurion tank for the Swedish Army.

JL Weibull founded

In 1952 JL Weibull was founded, which later merged with MSE, today being a division of W5 Solutions. MSE Engineering has, through the years, developed and produced military training and [...]

Teleanalys founded

The history began in 1940 with the foundation of Teleanalys. One of the first systems delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces was a filter device for radio communication. Today, the heritage of [...]