Being a part of W5 Solutions, Box Modul designs, produces and sells shelters to companies and organizations in areas such as defense, IT & telecom, healthcare, and power.

For the defense industry, we deliver customized shrapnel-protected shelters to meet specific military standards, such as advanced EMC/EMP protection, tempest, and more. The shelters are based on sandwich technology and can withstand all climates.

W5 delivers modular solutions worldwide, and we always offer customizable top-quality modules.

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Box modul - Defence

As a long-term supplier to the defence industry, we have acquired great knowledge on how to construct modules for all types of conditions and situations. Over the years we have supplied Sweden, Norway, Finland and NATO with modular solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

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Data center

Box modul - Data centers

Box Modul’s modular data center is a smart and flexible architecture suitable for small and medium enterprise applications. A traditional data center takes 18 to 24 months to build, while a modular data center requires only a few weeks or months to deploy.

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Tech buildings

Box modul - Tech buildings

Our modules are adaptable and secure, and provide the best conditions for your technology. They are equally suitable for use as temporary or permanent solutions and are completely custom-built to your requirements. They are built on steel chassis with a sandwich structure for the roof, floors and walls.

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Box modul - Healthcare

We are one of the top manufacturers of mobile healthcare modules. With a mobile module, healthcare resources can be adapted and implemented where they are most needed, either in the form of ambulatory activities or for long-term use. Our long experience and high level of customization are coveted by several county councils in Sweden.

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Cold chamber

Box modul - Cold chamber

We have a long history of manufacturing cold chambers for the automotive industry. This long experience combined with quality customer service is widely known among car and component manufacturers worldwide. Today our cold chambers can be found in Australia, the United States, Canada and other countries.

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Unique solutions

Box modul - Unique solutions

At Boxmodul we are not limited to standardized products. We provide unique solutions –from an idea to a finished product all under one roof. Over the years we have built houses, cottages, studios, mobile masts, showrooms, conference modules and much more.

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