We have extensive experience delivering robust, advanced communication solutions to the defense sector. We design, integrate, install, and maintain our systems. Our product portfolio includes systems with both analog and digital interfaces.

Together with our partners we are working with extension of system lifespan to ensure future use and compatibility for systems that already have been used for decades. Maintenance is an important part of our offer, and we have extensive experience in integration including installation and interface customization.


W5 Intercom & Radio integration

We have designed, developed and produced many vehicle adapters for different types of radio systems including the L3 Harris RF-7800S. We are now developing the next generation of vehicle adapters.

Our products include the intercom systems Minicom-IP and CabCom and the voice communication system Parcom for public environments.

Minicom-IP is an IP-based system for internal and external communication on various platforms. The system is easy to install and allows for seamless expansion.

CabCom is a security system for troop transport developed in close cooperation with the automotive industry to allow voice communication between the drivers’ cab and the truck bed.

Parcom is a system for voice communication where you want to create a safe and secure work environment in detention centers, passport controls, hospitals, and information desks.

All systems are designed to withstand demanding environments, are user-friendly, and easily adapt to different configurations.

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Radio accessories

We have been a provider of communication accessories since the early 1950s. These products range from battery management to integration modules for installing various radios into vehicles.

Within this business area, peripheral equipment is developed for various radio systems. Examples of this are the 2XPTT handset, antenna extension kits, power supplies for lab and educational environments and systems for radio training.

We make different types of integration kits for radio equipment for several platforms.

The 2XPTT Handset is a capability-enhancing upgrade of an existing handset used in the defense sector. With our own development and production, we have adapted the handset for better functionality to new radio systems that increase the availability of the complete systems.

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