Systems and Integration

W5 Solutions provides products and systems integrated and installed in functions to deliver a capacity for today and tomorrow.

We have solid experience installing and integrating products and systems on several platforms – on land, in the air and at sea. This is possible thanks to our good collaboration with other world-leading business partners.

We work closely with our customers and business partners, creating solid relationships. Our collaborations also give us a greater understanding of the needs of our clients and users. We get the right opportunities to develop the best combination of products and solutions, which results in a more efficient and more focused implementation of the project. Our value consists of our knowledge and our local presence.

The integration and installation that W5 Solutions offers are backed up by our support and service team that ensures training, support, service, and maintenance for the system’s entire life.

In technology, system integration is usually described as bringing together different sub-components to then ensure that they work together as a system. This well describes what W5 Solutions do within the framework of our systems and products.

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