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We develop our own products and systems but also collaborate with world-leading suppliers in areas connected to sensor systems based on the W5 heritage.
We have a close relationship with our business partners and provide additional added value by providing turnkey systems and services to our system partners’ products during the system’s lifetime.

Electro-optical / infrared systems

Sensor Systems - Electro Optical Systems

Our supplier, Wescam, designs and manufactures sector-leading multi-spectral and multi-sensor EO-IR imaging and targeting sensor systems for air, land, and maritime platforms. The MX series has been engineered to focus on the three factors that drive maximum range: resolution, magnification, and stabilization. As a result, each MX series turret in its class size has outperformed its major competitor in every performance area, giving Wescam the longest EO-IR target identification and designating ranges in the industry.

Wescam’s MX series of multi-sensor, multi-spectral systems are deployed worldwide, at varying ranges and with overlapping fields of view. Wescam’s imaging and targeting systems are used in over 100 different platforms and create the opportunity for uninterrupted surveillance of borders, forward operating bases, airfields, and other vital assets.

Read more on the L3 Harris website

Anti UAV defense systems

Sensor Systems - Anti UAV Defence Systems
Sensor Systems - Anti UAV Defence Systems

The anti-UAV defense system (AUDS) is a smart-sensor and effector package capable of remotely detecting small, unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), which then tracks and classifies them before providing the option to disrupt their activity. The system can be deployed in remote or urban areas to prevent UAVs from being used for terrorist attacks, espionage, or other malicious activities against sites with critical infrastructure.

AUDS combines electronic scanning radar target detection and classification, electro-optic (EO) tracking, and directional RF inhibition capability over five independent bands.

Read more on the AUDS website

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