Live-Fire Training

Live-fire exercises are a crucial aspect of soldier training. They are as close to combat as any soldier will get, involving all the turmoil of a live-fire situation while striving to create a safe environment for troops to learn. Our targets – suitable for a wide range of calibers, from pistols to tanks – provide you with a robust and straightforward tool for successful live-fire training.

Moving targets

Moving Targets
Moving Target - Track Targets MR
Moving Target - Track Targets PEK
Moving Target - Track Target 2065
Live Fire Training - Moving Target Limo

Whether you are in the military, law enforcement or hunt in long-range situations, your practice should include moving targets. We supply a wide variety – rail-based and autonomous – for small arms to air-to-ground missile training ranges. The targets can easily alter silhouettes, motion, and speed to broaden the training and enhance its realism.

Pop up targets

Popup Targets
Popup Target - Goliat
Popup Target - Combi Target
Popup Target - 2015

We offer a broad array of sophisticated off-the-shelf pop-up targets to meet today’s requirements. Pop-up targets increase the shooter’s activity, resulting in improved training quality and safety. Our modular product range lets us put together tried and tested components from existing products and supply tailor-made solutions.

Box targets

Products - Box Targets

Our box targets are outdoor electronic scoring targets that plot the location of a bullet impact.

Control systems

Control systems

Our range control systems allow for both control and status monitoring of all target appliances on the range. One or multiple targets can be operated by a single remote control and full scenario building software. You can combine with other types of target systems using a W5 Solutions link.

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