Within the simulation area, we deliver modular and high-fidelity simulator hardware ranging from complete systems to components, including integrated main battle tank turret trainers, loading trainers and control handles.

We take pride in being a partner over the entire product life cycle, from design and development to production, integration, test, delivery, and in-service support.

Integrated simulation solutions

Live Training - Loading Trainers
Live Training - Turret Trainer
Live Training - RBS 70 Simulator
Live Training - VET

These are designed to allow crews to practice their routine firing drills, turret operating procedures, evacuation, and crew duties without the expense of live firing. They offer both immersion and realism, with a reduced safety risk and a much lower cost.

Components & Sub-systems

Simulation - Components and Subsystems

We provide simulator handles and joysticks, simulator sights and periscopes, dummy ammunition and loading trainer ammunition, displays/monitors, panels, seat replicas, complete I/O systems (field bus), IOS, hardware emulators, and systems for control loading, motion, and communication.

Virtual Training

Simulation - Virtual Training
Virtual Training - Simulator
Virtual Training - Flight Simulator
Live Training - VET
Virtual Training - Omnifinity
Virtual Training - Indoor Trainer

W5 Solutions’ virtual training systems train soldiers to fight in specific, challenging settings at the touch of a button. Our virtual training products ensure not only the transmission of knowledge, but also – and principally – skills. It is easier and quicker for the learners to acquire new professional skills before going on a mission.

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