Since the early 1980s, W5 Solutions has provided the market with robust, top-of-the-line intercom solutions for demanding customers in harsh environments – users who need to know they can rely on their communication system working – in every situation.

Our range starts with basic communication equipment, extending to advanced wireless set-ups to integrate external radio systems.

Our intercom family contains three areas:

  • ROPS
  • Parcom 400
  • Minicom IP

We use both digital and analogue technology depending on requirements, and we always have the same goal: a robust set-up with the best possible sound quality.

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Our IP-based intercom solution has been on the market for almost ten years and our analogue for over 40 years. Soon we will release the next generation of intercom systems, where our focus will be on modular solutions with several alternatives to fit specific needs.

New features include battery management for wireless, an interface for quick configuration of the system set-up, and case-based solutions for minimal or no integration with the vessel, aircraft, or vehicle.

A unique software interface is provided so that the users can make changes within the original configuration. Users can access specific external radio systems and communicate through different groups. If needed, a group can also be used by, for example, two separate vessels.

Our products are in everyday use across many areas, including firefighting, defense, and training.

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