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    Lieutenant General (Res) Anders Silwer, born in 1959, has a master’s degree in strategic studies from Air War College, Air University, Alabama, USA, and is educated from the Military Academy’s Leadership Program.

    Anders has been squadron commander of a J 35 squadron and head of operational test and evaluation of JAS 39. As Chief of Staff of the Air Force he had the responsibility for the combat aviation operation in Libya and for MEDEVAC helicopters to Afghanistan. Anders was the Commander of Swedish Armed Forces Joint Operations Command 2012-2013 and ended his career in the Armed Forces as Chief Joint Procurement and Training 2014-2017.

    Anders has an ongoing consulting assignment for W5 Solutions AB and accordingly is not independent from the Company and the Company’s management, however he maintains independence from the Company’s major shareholders.

    Other significant assignments
    Anders has extensive experience in senior leadership positions within the Swedish Air Force and Swedish Defense Force. In recent years, Anders has also worked as a board member and consultant for Nordic companies in cybersecurity. He is currently a board member of Advenica AB and Nixy Oy, listed in Sweden and Finland, respectively, and a board member of the Swedish Fortifications Agency. Anders is also a member of the Advisory Board of NITIU AB (an engineering firm in hydrogen) and has consulting assignments for EU projects in air traffic management.

     Holdings in W5 Solutions
    600 shares trough his company Ander Silwer AB