Anders LundströmChairman of the Board


    Year of entry

    Education and experience
    Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Anders has a broad background from senior positions in mechanical production, software development, materials technology and recruitment, and previous experience from assignments as chairman of the board of Swedish Defense Group AB. In addition, Anders is the founder and former CEO of Svenska Aerogel Holding AB (publ).

    Other significant assignments
    Chairman of the Board of W5 Solutions Teleanalys AB, W5 Solutions Production AB, W5 Omnifinity AB, Hot Chilly AB, Frank Digital Experiences AB, Frank Digital Experiences Growth AB, Frank Digital Experiences Consultancy AB and Enersize OYJ. President and board member of Cibet AB. Board member of Envirologic AB (publ), STAN Sweden AB and Nordic Rice AB.

    Holdings in W5 Solutions
    28,832 shares through Cibet AB, 1,430,000 shares through MSE Holding AB and 5,210,004 shares through Swedish Defense Group AB (Anders Lundström owns 100 percent of the shares and votes in Cibet AB, which in turn owns 4 , 19 percent of the shares and votes in MSE Holding AB, which in turn owns 33.33 percent of the shares and votes in Swedish Defense Group AB), and call options issued by Swedish Defense Group AB entitling to the acquisition of shares corresponding to 1, 5 percent of the total number of shares in the Company.