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    Education and experience
    Ulf Hjalmarsson, born in 1956, is a trained officer from the Karlberg War College and an economist from Lund University. Since the 1980s, he has held many leading positions and assignments in the Swedish financial sector. Ulf is the founder of Hjalmarsson & Partners Corporate Finance AB, established in 2000, where he is still the chairman of the board, and previously held positions at AB Investor / Förvaltnings AB Providentia, Bohusbanken, Spira AB and Aros Securities.

    Ulf Hjalmarsson is independent in relation to the Company, the Company management, and the Company’s major shareholders.

    Other significant assignments
    Ulf is a board member of the Connecting Capital Holding AB and The Royal Foundation of Sweden (Kungafonden). Ulf recently left the board of Embracer Group AB (2018-2022), where he was, among other things, chairman of the audit and sustainability committee, and previously also served as a board member for many years for Lannebo Fonder (2008-2020) and ClearOn (DLF) (2009-2016).

    Holdings in W5 Solutions
    4,000 shares through Niki i Stockholm AB. (Ulf Hjalmarsson owns 100 percent of the shares in Niki i Stockholm AB).