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As part of W5 Solutions’ journey towards becoming a leading supplier of innovative systems and solutions, an organizational structure is established based on three new business areas: Training, Power and Integration. The aim is to ensure progress and synergy effects in an industry predicted to generate strong growth in the coming years. 

From September 1st, W5 Solutions will establish a new organizational structure where the seven subsidiaries are divided into three business areas: Training, Power and Integration. Four new managers are introduced to the group management in connection with the new structure.

Head Business Area Training will be Toralf Johannessen, today MD of the Norwegian subsidiary Kongsberg Target Systems. Head of Business Area Power will be Joachim Hammersland, who most recently comes from MW Group. Head of Business Area Integration will be Gunilla Stomberg, formerly Saab. In addition to this, Martin Kammenhed is appointed as Chief of Staff.   

“The new business area structure is an important part of the platform we establish for future growth. By introducing business areas, we can more easily coordinate the group’s various activities, and more effectively take advantage of the existing synergies. The appointed managers add great knowledge and experience to the group management and their respective organizations. Their leadership will be an essential part of our continued growth journey”, says Evelina Hedskog, President and CEO of W5 Solutions.  

Establishing the business areas, a transition to IFRS as a financial framework for the group is also carried out. This is estimated to be introduced in the fourth quarter of 2024 and segment reporting of the company’s business areas will take place from the first quarter of 2025. 


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