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Växjö, Sweden, Tuesday 8th February 2022 Through its subsidiary W5 Omnifinity AB, W5 Solutions AB announced today the launch of the Omnideck VR Omnidirectional Treadmill in North America within the gaming market. The Omnideck will allow gamers to move freely inside fully immersed games. This unique VR experience will be launched for the first time by Aaru Entertainment LLC in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

The Omnideck is a 16-sided motorized omnidirectional treadmill designed, developed, and built in Sweden. The current best-selling VR headsets provide a fantastic visually immersive experience – however, you are limited to the play space of your living room.
A user on the Omnideck will enjoy limitless, immersive, untethered natural movement in the metaverse. Taking them one step further, blurring the lines between virtual and reality.
Back in 2011, the first Omnideck prototype was featured on the UK TV show “The Gadget Show” as part of The Ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator segment. This became a viral hit and became the launchpad for Omnifinity. Customers have adopted the high-end solution in the training simulation and research markets with Telerobotics, Pedestrian simulation, and Firefighter training applications.

Aaru Entrainment Launching in Q2 2022

“I am thrilled to have achieved two major milestones: our first customer within the gaming market and in North America. I am excited to be working with Aaru Entertainment, and I can’t wait to see the smiles from the gamers as they immerse themselves in VR games on the Omnideck,” says Peter Thor, CTO Omnifinity.

“W5 Solutions has been a joy to work with, and we are exceedingly proud to feature the Omnideck in our facility. This technology represents and solidifies a new chapter for the virtual reality industry that most enthusiasts thought would never be available to them. We hope our work can do it, and them, due justice.” says Shai Kaiser, Founder and Creative Director of Aaru Entertainment
About AARU Entertainment
Aaru Entertainment is a community of game lovers working to create immersive experiences through accessible virtual reality. The studio comprises three core components: VR Arcade, Café/bar, and Game Development. This unique in-house mix enables Aaru Entertainment to develop & validate gaming experiences constantly. Users will be able to enjoy a mix of bespoke custom and licensed content running on the Omnideck. Expected to launch in Q2 2022.

About W5 Solutions AB
W5 Solutions delivers high-tech systems and solutions. Our clients are Swedish and international government agencies and companies in the areas of defense and civil protection. We are experts in training and simulation, mission systems, communication, and power supply. In addition, we have support functions such as training, repair, and maintenance in the defense sector.


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