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The new identity of W5 Solutions gives the W5 its language and sound. It also highlights the most critical part when you work with protection: trust. Our new symbol is reliable, just like W5.

In the everyday business of W5 Solutions – trust, reliability and precise communication are the most crucial factors for successful collaborations.

As early as in primary school, we learn that morse code is one of the most reliable means of communication. At W5, we always make sure that the correct information reaches the right person on time. Just like in morse.

– A clear and well-established brand platform with an associated brand identity is essential to us. It makes us more straightforward and reliable toward our competitors. When this occurs, there will be new business opportunities, comments Jonas Rydin, Marketing Manager W5.

For additional information, please contact:

Jonas Rydin, Marketing Manager W5 Solutions AB
E-mail: jonas.rydin[at]

About W5 Solutions AB

W5 Solutions is a Swedish company that delivers high-tech systems and solutions. Our clients are Swedish and international government agencies as well as companies in the areas of defense and civil protection.
We are experts in training and simulation, mission systems, communication, and power supply. In addition, we have support functions such as training, repair, and maintenance in the defense sector.

Pressmeddelande - 2021-08-27

Pressmeddelande - 2021-08-27

Pressmeddelande - 2021-08-27

Pressmeddelande - 2021-08-27

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