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Växjö, Sweden, Friday 11th February 2022 Through its subsidiary W5 Omnifinity AB, W5 Solutions announced the expansion of the tunnel training firefighter system with an additional Omnideck to enable multiplayer scenarios bringing together the first multiple Omnideck installation in the world.

In 2018 the project SIKET: Evaluation and Further Development of Safety Concepts for Railway Tunnels with partners carried out a live tunnel training exercise with over 200 people. During the feedback stage of this project, the Hessian State Fire Brigade School (HLFS) has actively participated in the review of the effectiveness of the safety concepts. It turned out that a major influencing factor in the success of the operation is the mastery of the basic tactical measures in a railway tunnel.

Due to the complexity of the exercise, availability of training tunnel environments and simulating high fidelity exercises, a Virtual training concept was created. Initially, as a single-player concept developed into a Dual-Omnideck multiplayer system allowing multiplayer scenarios.

Full immersion multiplayer scenario training allows the Firefighters a more realistic, collaborative and higher fidelity training compared to single-player exercises.

“Together with software partners Elevate Solutions and the dedication of the team at HLFS we are proud to be part of building a major milestone in modern fire brigade training. To experience first-hand the immersion of a multiplayer omnideck experience you can see we are one step closer to the future of the metaverse” says Daniel Hopstadius, CEO W5 Solutions
“It is a privilege to work with our partners and HLFS to strive towards the goal of making training more effective and safer for the emergency services while preserving natural resources. We believe virtual training is the optimal complement to teaching and developing the next generation of interactive training simulations” says Niklas Welter, CEO Elevate Solutions GmbH

About W5 Solutions AB
W5 Solutions delivers high-tech systems and solutions. Our clients are Swedish and international government agencies as well as companies in the areas of defense and civil protection. We are experts in training and simulation, mission systems, communication, and power supply. In addition, we have support functions such as training, repair, and maintenance in the defense sector.

About Elevate Solutions
Elevate Solutions GMBH specializes in consulting and implementation of digital training environments for authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS). Practice scenarios are indispensable for system-relevant emergency services. We analyze your learning content and design a virtual training environment optimally tailored to your application that integrates seamlessly into your training concept.

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